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Acoustic, Ultrasonic, Pressure testing
Dye testing, Permanent crack repair, Live video, Pipeline Repair.

Accurate and Non-invasive



Welcome to Neptune Pool Solutions in Panama. Neptune Pool Solutions is Panama’s premier leak location service for pools here in Panama. We FIND leaks in pools, spas, and the surrounding underground structures such as patios, pavement, and landscape with precision and without digging.

Using Leaktronics ® technology, we utilize a powerful combination of listening devices, pipe pressure testing, static dye testing, ultrasonics and live video to accurately pinpoint leaks.

Depending upon the size of the leak, Neptune Pool Solutions is able to repair underground leaks without digging up any landscaping and pavement. We can also provide you with underwater, tile and concrete repair.

Neptune Pool Solutions can be your partner when you’re ready to buy a new home with a pool. We provide a 90 point pre purchase pool inspection to assure that you’re buying a home with a pool that’s ready to make memories.

The Neptune Pool Solutions system can identify existing problems before you buy a home. Regular inspections keep you from having problems in the future.

You can count on Neptune Pool Solutions to provide you with a lifetime of pool enjoyment. Call us or WhatsApp   we’re ready to be the best friend your pool has ever had, +507 6482-0066


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