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Pool leak detection

pool leak detection kit
Neptune Pool Solutions leak detection kit
Neptune Pool Solutions uses LeakTronic state of the art electronic pool leak detection equipment to find your swimming pool leaks. The super-sensitive PoolScope will detect 95% of all leaks within a 5ft (1.52m) radius of your pool.

This microphone can hear all your main drains, lighting mounts, skimmer and skimmer seams, spa jets and much more. Using this PoolScope we can also hear leaks in structural cracks which produce a sound as the water pushes through the crack and that we can identify. As the PoolScope is moved closer to the crack the the noise of the leak becomes louder enabling us to identify the location of the leak.

Microphone leak detection
Microphone leak detection
We carry out permanent crack repairs and are certified CSWIP concrete inspectors. We use an industry standard cam-lock staple system from Torque Lock, one of the industry standards for structural repairs.

Once Neptune Pool Solutions identifies any leaks or problematic areas we can quote for the undertaking of the repairs for you in a cost effective way. Frequently there is no need to drain your pool, which results in a lower cost to you and less inconvenience while the pool refills.

Underwater tiling

Here at Neptune Pool Solutions our professional diver is on call for you. He can survey your pool and look out for any problems with the tiling and pool fittings. If cracks and possible leaks are found we can use our state of the art electronic pool leak detection equipment to determine if anything is wrong and where the leak(s) may be.

If any defects are found it we offer a range of in-water repairs such as replacing small areas of tiles and grout without the need to drain you pool. This results in a lower cost for you and you have no need to stop using the pool while it refills.

If we feel the cost of any underwater repairs are not cost effective and that draining of the pool is required we will, naturally, inform you.

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