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Pool leak detection

Neptune Pool Solutions uses Leaktronics ® state of the art technology and training techniques to accurately locate your pool leak.  Statistically 95% of ALL pool leaks are within 1 meter / 3 feet of the pool edge. using high powered microphones to find these leaks be it in the pool shell, light fitting, drain or pipe work, structural cracks or even previous repairs, we have the means and skill to detect to within centimetres/ inches.

A swimming pool leak is not just “a loss of water” all that water is going somewhere causing damage , maybe into house foundations, or weakening a patio  just imagine the damage that could potentially happen to an apartment , office or hotel rooftop pool that has a leak.

Once we have accurately located the problem, we can advise on various repair options from an underground NO digging pipe repair, or just digging the minimum area for the repair. We have a technique to seal pool leaks without draining any water

We have access to Torque-lock ® permanent crack staple repair system as an option. As we accurately find leaks so there is no longer a reason to excavate large areas.

Microphone leak detection

Microphone leak detection

We carry out permanent crack repairs and are certified CSWIP concrete inspectors. We use an industry standard cam-lock staple system from Torque Lock ®, one of the industry standards for structural repairs.

Missing or broken mosaic tile replacement or concrete repairs ? No Problem.

These can be done WITHOUT the need to drain your pool, saving water , chemicals and time.

Our qualified divers can undertake general diving work in open water for example fouled propellers, live video inspection or lost item retrieval. We have a CSWIP qualified concrete inspector on hand should they be needed.

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